Monday, July 12, 2010

Lizard ... the toy

May / 24 / 2010
just a quick story:
we were sitting on the sundeck at the lake when I heard something...
I'm nosy... what can I say... I'm just a girl...
I tried to figure what it was and found a lizard in the grass.
well... I like to play... so I thought that is a cute little toy
I played with it for a while... it was funny though, because it moved.
After a while I took it to Mom and Dad and trowed it around.
Because it was already getting dark so they did not see what I was playing with.
One time it felt on my Moms chair and she screemed...
My Dad turned a light on and they saw the lizard.
Well... that was the end of my game....
they put the lizard away

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