Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Our weight

- March 29 2010 -
Our weight:
Roxy is 8lbs (=3628g)
Harry is 8lbs (=3628g)
Phoebie is 9lbs (=4082g)

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

My "other" Mom

This is "Manu", my new Mom.

... and this is "Janina", my new sister.
Can't believe I have to leave my Mom and my siblings in a few weeks!
But I promise, I will visit you guys!!!

Monday, March 29, 2010

3 weeks and 2 days

- March / 26 / 2010 -
Outdoor fun

20days... and our first meal

- March / 26 / 2010 -
Our first meal

big bowl of rice cereal ... yummy

going potty with Mommy

well... they call it "Potty"... but what is that?
We just stick together... and stay with Mommy

Mommy and us three

where is Mommy????

18days ... and when I met my Dad!

- March / 24 / 2010 -
When I met my Dad for the first time
hi Daddy...
today I met my Dad for the first time!
I wanna be as big as my Dad is... maybe I will ... one day

Harry and Daddy

Roxy and Daddy

17 days old

March 23 2010
I'm outside today for the very first time!
Everything looks so different!!!
Is that grass??? Can I eat it?

where did they put me????

it smells funny....

... what did they say they want me to do???

ok... I just pretend I need to do that "potty-thing" and sit down.
Maybe they don't see me :-)

... I just lay down...

my brother Harry found some green stuff

my sis Roxanne

That was an Adventure!
Trying the "Potty-Thing" made us tired

Monday, March 22, 2010

13 days old


... I'm ready to explore the world !

I love to snuggle in my Mommas-Mommas-Bed (Lynne)

My Daddy

This is my Daddy "Rocko"

Friday, March 19, 2010

10 days old

This is my Mom Sissy

My Mom and me, Roxy and Harry

They say I look like a guinea pig :-)

Harry, Roxy and me

my brother Harry and me

6 days old

It is measuring time:



in the USA we measure in inches, one inch is 2,5cm
my weight is around 3pounds

4 days old

I'm already 4 days old...