Friday, April 30, 2010

29.April 2010

April / 29 / 2010

Every evening we are going down to the lake to watch the sunset.
First, my Dad always takes a ride in our boat.
Then, my Mom and my Dad are having a Coke while I play.

me, playing with my pink Teddybear

... I heart something....

chewing on a piece of wood....

slowly getting tired....

I found more sticks...

night night / sleep tight / don't let the bedbugs bite :o)

"Small Business"

oh no Mom... please... some privacy!!!!

between the "small" and the "big" business I lay down....

try to play with my Mom....


sit down a little...

run around....

play hide and seek...

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Bath time

April / 26 / 2010

I got a bath because I run around underneth the schoolbus (who is parked next to our house, it is my Moms sewing room) and got some oily spots.
My Mom has some good smelling stuff and I'm clean again :o)

at the Gym

April / 25 / 2010
this is my place in the new house... I have a blanket and my bunny

my and my Dad in our Gym in the third story of our house.
He is doing a workout while I had a lot of fun.

I love to run around...

No-No / lake and I'm 7 weeks old

April / 24 / 2010
I am 7 weeks old

This is one of my No-No's... SHOES!!!!!
Here, I try to get Janinas flip-flops.

... or my Dads shoes.

I'm a Great Dane...

I always find something... leaves, wood....

after a long day, I was very tired and fell asleep on my Dads lap.

I am 7 weeks old and my Mom made a cupcake for me.

I found another Great Dane

Look, what I found??? Another Great Dane.
She moved the same way I did, but I couldn't catch her...

down at the lake

April / 23 / 2010
I got a pretty nice view down at the lake to enjoy the sunset with my Mom and Dad

one of the "NOs"

April / 22 / 2010
I got in trouble when I got me one of my Dads roses again... well, I already did that a few times already.... but I like flowers... they taste so good :o)

and this is almost a good "I didn't know" or "please forgive me" face

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

My second day...

April / 21 / 2010

checking everything out...

watching everything...

having some water

... and food

playing a little


having fun...

getting hugged

and even more...

I got a Puppy-Bone

In my second night I woke up my Mom twice. First at 1:30am and then again at 5:40am.
After going Potty I want to play... but she wants me to go back asleep.
On accidents... I had around 4 during the day.

My first day....

April / 19 / 2010
I am 6 weeks and 2 days old now!
My weight is 16 lb = 7257 gramm
From today on, this is my new home and my new family!
Little Phoebie on Konny-Island!
And I will keep you guys updated...
Let's get started....

After Lynne, Lester, Zach, Roxy and Harry left me, I was pretty tired.
I found my "Outdoor-Pillow" on the Porch and took a nap with my Bunny.

then we walked thru a dandelion clock field and I tried to eat some :o)

taking a nap on my "Indoor-Pillow" with my Monkey


after a walk thru my Daddys Shop, we took a break

I still fit on the corner of my pillow....

After a long day... it's time to say Good night!
BTW: On my first night, I woke up my Mom at 5:30am in the morning to go Potty.
So far... I only had 3 "little" accidents on the carpet.

Meeting "the other" pets....

... meeting the ducks and saying "HI" to Penny, Duffy, Pittie and Paulchen

.... meeting Miss Molly... but she turned around when she saw me... I don't know why

... meeting "Erwin" the African Grey Parrot... he was scared of me

Oh well... we will have lots of fun all together!!!