Monday, May 24, 2010

11 weeks old - and My own pool

May / 22 / 2010
I'm 11 weeks old
and that is a reason to celebrate...
I got my own pool!!!!!!!!!!!

Daddy showing me the pool

I always play with my water bowl... now I also have a pool!!!
That is so cool!

carefully checking out the "blue water"

I'm in it!!!!!

I love to play with water!


"Pleeeeeease Mom... let me go back into the water!!!!!!"

Well... playing in the water.... running around .... and then, finally a belly full of food...
Time to take a nap!

My new Collar

May / 21 / 2010

My Mom calls me "Princess Phoebie", so she bought me a new collar.
I guess they did not have one with my name so she bought one with "Princess" on it.
And I also got a name tag with our phone number and my name on it.

Janina and Me

May / 21 / 2010

I love to cuddle with Janina. She is my big Sister.

My little carpet

May / 19 / 2010
This is one of my favorite places... the carpet next to my Moms desk.
And I lay here, whenever she is doing some office-stuff.

Sunday, May 23, 2010

10 weeks old

May / 15 / 2010
I'm 10 weeks old

My first boat ride

May / 15 / 2010

My Dad took me on my first boat ride

I was a little bit scared and he took me on his lap

"hey Mom..."

I think I like it..........

wohooo.... I'm a little princess in my own boat :o)

Little light girl :o)

May / 14 / 2010
Look how big I already am.

and my Moms says I'm pretty heavy too.

I love to get carried :o)


May / 13 / 2010

I had some "Mom&Me" Time
I love to cuddle on my Moms lap on the sofa

At the Vet

May / 12 / 2010
My Mom and Janina took me to the Vet today for my second set of shots.
Well... that house already smelled weird from the outside, so I considered not to go in.
But, Mom carried me and I had no chance to escape.
Than I met the doctor and he was a nice guy. They put something in my mouth and something in my fur. I don't know what that was but my Mom said something like heart wurm medicine and a shot.
Then they put me on a scale and my weight is 26 lb. I'm very healthy and the doctor said he wants to see me again in June. Oh may... is wasn't bad at all, but it is definetly not my favorite place to go.
Mom was to busy with me, so she forgot to take a picture of me at the Vet.
Maybe next time.....

Swimming in the lake ... second time

May / 11 / 2010

Daddy took me into the water for the second time

swimming makes me tired

My hiding spot :o)

May / 10 / 2010
I needed a nap and found a nice shady place and slept for a while.
The next thing I knew, everybody was running around like crazy looking for me.
They were almost panicing because they didn't know were I was.
Well... next time, just look for me BEHIND the big banana down at the lake! :o)

I got some gifts!!!!

May / 10 / 2010

I got some fake sausages from Ester & Jens

and I got a pink ball and a pink bone from Ilonka
Thank you Ester, Jens and Ilonka for the nice gifts!!!!!
I love them!!!!

Paper is fun..........

May / 09 / 2010

I found a big piece of packing paper and layed on it, tore it up... and had a blast!!!

Trip to Kempner, Texas - Day 2

May / 09 / 2010
Our second day in Kempner
me and Hershey (Herseh has a sock in his mouth)

us three, playing

Taz and me ... I found a ball and Taz was laying on top of me. But he was very careful.

They have a pool!!!!!!!

My Moms friend Ilonka with Taz and Mommy and me

4-hour Trip to Kempner, Texas - Day 1

May / 08 / 2010
We made a 4-hour trip to Kempner, in South Texas, to visit some friends from my Mom and Dad. And they have to boys, a brown cocker "Hershey" and a Great Dane/Labrador "Taz", so I had some Buddies to play with.

we were playing outside the entire time. It was fun!!!!

I am bigger than "Hershey", but smaller than "Taz"

I found a big friend

me and Taz

Let me tell you... after playing all afternoon, I was soooo tired!!!!

Our Family Picture

May / 08 / 2010
Our Family Picture

9 Weeks old

May / 08 / 2010
I'm 9 weeks old

9 Weeks - Growing pictures

May / 08 / 2010
Growing pictures
9 weeks old

me in my bed

sitting next to my Daddy....
I'm a big girl....

... and walking next to my Daddy