Sunday, May 23, 2010

At the Vet

May / 12 / 2010
My Mom and Janina took me to the Vet today for my second set of shots.
Well... that house already smelled weird from the outside, so I considered not to go in.
But, Mom carried me and I had no chance to escape.
Than I met the doctor and he was a nice guy. They put something in my mouth and something in my fur. I don't know what that was but my Mom said something like heart wurm medicine and a shot.
Then they put me on a scale and my weight is 26 lb. I'm very healthy and the doctor said he wants to see me again in June. Oh may... is wasn't bad at all, but it is definetly not my favorite place to go.
Mom was to busy with me, so she forgot to take a picture of me at the Vet.
Maybe next time.....

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